Short Stories

Baby Shoes: 100 Stories by 100 Authors

100 Stories. 100 Authors. Under 1,000 words. No holds barred. What began as a worldwide call for authors became a collection of short, gripping stories from every genre you can imagine. Spend a minute each with one hundred minds, with literary slices from noir detective, to holiday heartwarmer to serial killer thrill, flight of fantasy or erotica. One of the first flash fiction anthologies of its kind, "Baby Shoes" follows the literary tradition of its namesake -- a 6-word tale by Ernest Hemingway reportedly written to win a bar bet. Join literary greats like Joe R. Lansdale, Linda Needham and Walter Jon Williams along with talents from every stage of literary career.

Contains M. Earl Smith's short "Aliens at the Flea Market".

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"Anytime you give an electronic device a brain, it has the capabilities to outgrow the possibilities that were set forth in the plans."

The Unit by Katie Jaarsveld
From the Depths by McKenzie Richardson
Everything Has a Price by Sheri Velarde
Fulfilling Killingsby M Earl Smith
Touch by TW Iain
Dark Web Demon by Kevin S. Hall
Ocean’s Bounty by Andrew J Lucas
Catfish by Samie Sands
Viral Venom by Alex Winck
Domain of the Dragon by L.H. Davis
My Skin Crawls by Katie Jaarsveld
My Name Is Human by Rob Shepherd

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Flash!: 100 Stories by 100 Authors (Flash Fiction Anthologies Volume 2)

So many little time. FLASH! is the second volume in a series of crowdfunded celebrations of short-short fiction. 100 authors. 100 stories. No holds barred. That's the theme, and under it you'll find every kind of flight of imagination you care to explore. From debut authors to seasoned professionals, this book's writers bring you short glimpses into their imaginations. Perfect for lazy day reading, a few pages of bedtime stories, or other short dips into the written word. Some stories you gulp like beer. Others you sip like wine. FLASH is a collection of fiction meant to be slammed down like a shot: powerful, memorable, and with more lined up.

Contains M. Earl Smith's short "Goodbye, Texas".

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It's Behind You!

What is your biggest fear? Delve into these nightmares and phobias to see if you can handle it!

Addiction by M. Earl Smith
Who’s Afraid of a Stupid Clown by Alex Winck
Entomophobia by Katie Jaarsveld
The Pond by Rob Shepherd
The Price of Greed by Sheri Velarde
Sleeping Cyberbeauty by Alex Winck
Triskaidekaphobia by Samie Sands
Reflection by Rick Eddy
Heliophobia by Fernanda Oz
The Second Clourophobia Massacre by Kevin Hall
Nightwalk by Stefan Vucak
The Symbiote by Alex Winck
Threshold Dreams by McKenzie Richardson
The Hunt by Dave Suscheck
Fear by Kally Jo Surbeck
The Reason We Run by TW Iain
Time and Rewind by Katie Jaarsveld
Wide Awake by James Bryant

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Paragons: An Anthology of Superheroes

They awe us. They fill us with wonder. But most of all, they inspire us – to be stronger, faster, and smarter. Superheroes teach us how to aspire to the best versions of ourselves. Enjoy this master collection of collection of 13 tales of all-new, all-original superheroes from today’s up and coming science fiction and fantasy masters!

When the police fail to take down the super powered mobs a rogue vigilante steps up to the plate in Nightstick by Kai Wai Cheah. Peek in on a superhero marriage proposal via Blackout by Morgon Newquist. When a young nuclear engineer gains superpowers, the Soviet government wants to control her for the sake of the motherland in Stalina by Sam Kepfield.

Enjoy these tales and more by Alt-Hero novelist Jon Del Arroz, Dragon Award and Hugo Award nominee Kai Wai Cheah, Dragon Award nominee Declan Finn, and others!

Contains the M. Earl Smith short "Low Man".

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Whispers from the Past: Fright and Fear

Read with your eyes and listen with your mind to the Whispers from the Past. This collection of short stories includes beasts, possessions and spirits who play for keeps. These tales will certainly influence your fear and make you question what you believe. Don't be upset if you're left wondering who you are dealing with in reality and looking over your shoulder twice. Whispers from the Past: Fright & Fear is the first collection of fear revealing and fright inducing tales compiled by North 2 South Press. This collection is intended for the adult reader. It includes more than 20 short stories and ends with a few creepy poetic forms.

Contains the M. Earl Smith short "Echoes of a Hero".

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Short Stories


Far Cry is a science fiction zine produced in Greenfield, Massachusetts and distributed locally, mostly in Greenfield. It’s edited by Anika Balaconis. Far Cry exists only in print; there is no online version. We’re looking for strange, unusual science fiction of a thoughtful nature. Although sometimes we don’t know what we like until we read it.

M. Earl Smith's short "Gracestone" appears in Issue 4.

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"Have You Recently Confessed, Comrade?"

Gravel is an online literary journal devoted to finding and publishing talented writers and artists of every genre and form. Published by the University of Arkansas at Monticello.

M. Earl Smith's short "Have You Recently Confessed, Comrade?" appears in the October, 2016 issue. 

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"Revolutionary Nights"

Representing a community college the way it deserves–through the written word and a variety of bad puns. Strap on your brass knuckles and watch out for paper-cuts because we don’t hold back. An international Literary Magazine based at Finger Lakes Community College in Canandaigua, N.Y. USA

M. Earl Smith's short "Revolutionary Nights" appears in the 2016 issue. 

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"Wind-Swept Goodbye"

It Must Be Heartbreaking’s mission is to give creatives, of all backgrounds and experience, a home to share their work, blog about their journeys and network with others. We want the ugly and damaged; raw and unfiltered thoughts and feelings that drive you to create. Stories, poetry, music and art, in all forms, are welcome at It Must Be Heartbreaking. Thank you for being a part of IMBH either in passing or by sharing your original creative work, through us, for the world to see.

M. Earl Smith's short "Wind-Swept Goodbye" appears in the December 2016 issue.

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"An Extra Ticket"

We at Beneath the Rainbow, a free weekly service and conveyor of words both novel and classic, invite you the general public, to join our growing enterprise, by reading and contributing your words and ideas to a growing advocate for literature and sound and the arts. We regularly publish short stories, sagas, essays, poetry (now requesting haiku), humor, and will soon expand our presentation to graphics and the spoken word. We welcome you to submit your manuscripts and now offer quarterly promotions, prizes (with a chance to win $100 for first place, $50 for second and $25 for third). Stories must be your original work but may have been previously published if credit is given to the one who holds first North American serial rights. We offer exciting competitions and the opportunity to escape the mundane and immerse yourself in a world of thought and fun and fantasy. Join with us in our celebration of life and love and dreams.

M. Earl Smith's short "An Extra Ticket" appears in the December 2016 issue.

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Doomsday...the end of the world is here, but how will the apocalypse happen? Will it be viral, technology, or just human nature that kills us all? Read on, you might be surprised... Home, Sweet Post-Apocalyptic Home by Alex Winck Antidote by Samie Sands From Strange to Indifferent by Katie Jaarsveld Interim by Stefan Vucak A Forever Kind of Love by Andrew Darlington Talking Bodies by M. Earl Smith Where the Water Is by Sheri Velarde But a Whimper by Rick Eddy The Countess Consuela by Michael Peirce On Trial by Samie Sands Thoughts of Memory by Andrew J Lucas and Natalie A. Lucas Praying To Die by Fernanda Oz Nightmare Rising by McKenzie Richardson The Last of the Regulars by Andy Lockwood.

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Short Stories

Schlock! Horror!

An anthology of horror inspired by 1980's schlock!

It was the decade that brought us everything in the cinema and on VHS from the Italian 'nasties' to Elm Street, The Lost Boys, Hellraiser, The Thing, Day of the Dead, Reanimator, Return of the Living Dead, My Bloody Valentine, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Cannibal Holocaust….and superlative directors such as David Cronenburg, John Waters, Roger Corman and - of course - Clive Barker.

All of this was, naturally, reflected in the books we devoured - Guy N Smith, Clive Barker's Books of Blood, James Herbert, Jack Ketchum, Gary Brandner and Richard Laymon, to name but a mere handfiul.

This exemplary 80's themed/inspired tales of terror has been adjudicated and compiled by one Mr Bret McCormick, himself a writer, producer and director of many a schlock classic, including Bio-Tech Warrior, Time Tracers, The Abomination, Ozone: The Attack of the Redneck Mutants and the inimitable Repligator

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