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M. Earl Smith - Curated

M. C. Henson - Unwritten - Signed

M. C. Henson - Unwritten - Signed

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Signed by the author, with inscription.

Two Naval officers, each possessing their own set of strengths find theyboth have the same weakness- trust. Over the years Caroline Blaine,intelligence officer, and David Reese, JAG corps officer, have workedtogether to solve many high profile cases. Now paired again after two years apart, they find it necessary to ultimately give in to their worst fault,trusting someone completely and letting their guard down. Navy property hasfallen into the wrong hands and it's up to them to diffuse the situationbefore it becomes an international incident. The novel begins and ends In Caroline’s hometown in the mountains of North Carolina.In between, intrigue and stops in such places as Naples, Italy; Nice,France; Paris, France; and London, England. Not to mention a hair-raisingand nail biting assassination in Marina, Egypt. Adrenaline will keep you onthe edge of your seat as you are launched off an aircraft carrier with thequarreling duo. This novel proves big things come in small packages.First impressions are not always correct either, when it comes to Agent Caroline Blaine. Officer David Reese has met his match when she returns.Things will never be the same.
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