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Katheryn Ragle - The Bad Man - Signed by the Author

Katheryn Ragle - The Bad Man - Signed by the Author

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Signed by the author.

Author Katheryn Ragle is proud to present 'The Bad Man', a paranormal tale of a young woman named, Gentry Houston. Gentry resides in Somerset, KY and travels to Corbin, KY with her twins, Ben and Betsy to see her estranged mother. Gentry was hurt at a very young age by her mother, Edith. There's a whole lot about Gentry's life that she doesn't know the answers too. Gentry has just uncovered some secrets in her past that her parents have kept from her. Secrets that can effect her and her twins and bring a dangerous evil after them.The twins cry out at night, "The bad man is coming, Mommy!" At first she thinks they're only having nightmares until the bad man comes after her too. Returning to Corbin is the only way to find the answers. Will it turn into a disaster? Come along with Gentry as she takes a trip back to the past that opens a terrorizing evil in their present.

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