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M. Earl Smith - Curated

Jeannette Clift George - Some Run With Feet of Clay - Signed

Jeannette Clift George - Some Run With Feet of Clay - Signed

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Signed and inscribed by the author. 

"How can we possibly measure up to the examples set by the Bible's heroes in our own lives? Are we such imperfect human beings that the Bible excludes us from a place in God's plan? Jeannette Clift urges us to take a new approach to the Bible, realizing that biblical characters were fallible human beings and not the sanctimonious saints that we have pictured. It is the message of the Bible that is perfect, and no the messengers that God used. As Jeannette puts it, "Bible heroes did not have marbled toes on a golden pedestal but feet of clay, and yet-they ran." Relating her own personal experiences as a teenager, an actress, and a popular speaker to the dilemmas faced by some of the Bible's heroes, Miss Clift demonstrates that even Elisha, Hannah, David, Elijah and Joshua stumbled and erred as they learned to run with human feet of clay because Jesus Christ is Who He is and has done what He has done ...," the author writes. SOME RUN WITH FEET OF CLAY personalizes Bible accounts in meaningful terms for the average person and makes the people in the bible come alive as real and very fallible people so that we can all relate to them and their problems. The message is simple and clear: we must be ourselves in God, trust in His plan for our lives, and rely on the faithfulness of His love and guidance. God loves us as we are and will us in our imperfections, even as He used the people in the Bible for His plan."--Jacket.

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