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M. Earl Smith - Curated

His Haunted Present - Maggie Blake

His Haunted Present - Maggie Blake

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Signed and inscribed by the author. 

Kane Scott didn't realize what he signed up for when he went undercover more than five years ago. He and his partner accomplished the job they were entrusted to do, but they barely made it out alive. They brought down one of the most dangerous and ruthless drug lords in history. The problem now,  the drug lord was out for revenge. He wouldn't rest until Kane had paid. It didn't matter who was caught up in the crossfire, as long as his revenge against Kane was carried out. Hannah Burke became the target when she ran from the domestic abuse of her boyfriend. All Hannah wanted was to keep her head down, find another job and move on with her life. Kane was only doing a favor for his friend, and Hannah's sister Haley, when he agreed to pick Hannah up and bring her back to Kentucky. Neither of them realized the consequences of that decision. Hannah's life and Kane's soul would hang in the balance in the war between good and evil. Follow the 'Haunted' group as they continue to fight the battles of the universe, the battles of our world and the battles in our own small towns. See what follows them in the next installment of the Haunted Series by Maggie Blake.

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