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M. Earl Smith - Curated

Geoff Bodine - Levi Garrett - 8x10 - SIGNED

Geoff Bodine - Levi Garrett - 8x10 - SIGNED

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Signed by Geoff Bodine. 

Geoffrey Bodine (born April 18, 1949) is a retired American motorsport driver and bobsled builder. He is the oldest of the three Bodine brothers (with Brett Bodine and Todd Bodine), and sister Denise. Bodine lives in West Melbourne, Florida.

Bodine's racing career seemed to be on track right from the start as his father and grandfather, Eli Bodine Jr. and Sr. built Chemung Speedrome just a year after he was born. He began learning his racing skills at this track in the micro-midget division when he was only five years old. He had such an itch to race that he disguised himself as a lady and entered an event known as the Powder Puff Derby when he was 15.

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