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From Nun to Preist: Hope for Those Bound by Tradition - Joanne Howe

From Nun to Preist: Hope for Those Bound by Tradition - Joanne Howe

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Signed by the author, with an inscription, and notes from a previous reader. 

After 19 years as a nun in the Roman Catholic church, Joanne Howe's burning desire to know God's will led her to study the Bible in depth. She found that the Bible is the only source she can depend on to reveal God's will.

Through her study of the Scripture, Joanne realized that all Christians are equal in God's sight; we are all spiritual priests before God. No longer does one man have to intercede for another, but Christ, as the High Priest, intercedes for all.

In From Nun to Priest, Joanne compares teachings and traditions from her Roman Catholic background with the teachings God has revealed through the Bible. The easy-to-understand summaries of of scriptural teaching in the book cover a wide range of doctrinal issues.

Joanne Howe replaces the physical robes of her order with the spiritual robes of a priest of God. We are called by God to join that same priesthood.

From Nun to Priest is an excellent resource for all who are seeking to discern God's will from the traditions of man. This book and Joannes first book, A Change of Habit, will be especially helpful for seekers from a Roman Catholic background.

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