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A Private Family Matter - Victor Rivas Rivers - DOUBLE SIGNED

A Private Family Matter - Victor Rivas Rivers - DOUBLE SIGNED

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Signed twice by the author, once with an inscription, and the other time on the title page. 

The heart-breaking, yet powerfully uplifting story of a family in crisis, and how one man rises from the shadow of a violent, brutal father to become a shining example of transcendance.

This is a story about how I was saved by love, at a time when most people considered me beyond rescue.

So begins Victor Rivas Rivers in this powerful chronicle of his escape from the war zone of domestic violence—too often regarded as a “private family matter”—and his journey toward independence, recovery, and renewal.

A Private Family Matter, Victor recalls his days as an angry youth living under the rule and wrath of his father. A Cuban immigrant, Victor's dad was nicknamed El Ciclón for his tempestuous temperament, which led him not only to beat his wife but to abuse—and eventually kidnap—his own children. How Victor managed to seek help for his family and criminal punishment for his father, overcome his demons and learn to love himself, and share his experience with other victims and survivors of domestic abuse is at the heart of this profound and affecting memoir.


"An inspiring story of emergence from isolation and despair into love and community with passion, optimism, and tenderness." -- Publishers Weekly

"A story filled with integrity, courage, and humanity -- all the things that exemplify Mr. Rivers." -- Andy Garcia

"Victor's contribution to the movement to end domestic violence is unparalleled. . . . He serves as a role model for men and a ray of hope for all victims of abuse." -- Lynn Rosenthal, Executive Director, National Network to End Domestic Violence

"A document of [Rivers's] soul's triumph over cruelty." -- Eve Ensler

About the Author

Victor Rivas Rivers, a veteran actor who has starred in more than two dozen films (including The Mask of Zorro, The Distinguished Gentleman, and Blood In, Blood Out), is the spokesperson for the National Network to End Domestic Violence. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and son.

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