Poetry by M. Earl Smith

Vibrant: A Collection of Paintings by Evalynn Sorensen and Poems by Several Writers

Contains the poems "Freedom's Fireworks", "Kisses on the Window", "Fairies in Flight", and  "A Hunter's Dream".

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Poetic Hustles, Vol. 2: Life Matters

Poetic Hustles, Volume 2: Life Matters is a collection of poetry meant to challenge and re-acquaint. Many of the poems challenge our “be nice, don’t offend, don’t be painfully honest” existences; yet, they also encourage soul seeking and are effective in helping us realize that all our niceness has been an offense to some of our natural instincts; thus, the poems help us get re-acquainted with self. Some may think this whole idea of re-acquainting and challenging is a tall order, but it isn’t. When fingers make text appear without the encumbrances of social norms and the hindrances of mores, thoughts lose their dressing and can bare their full truth. This full truth is replete with contradictions, doctored memories, and biased allegations, and it is so deeply personal that sometimes there is little wonder why we defer to playing nice. Because honestly, the truth is sometimes just too fussy, too labyrinthine. That’s why we insisted on this flavor of bare-naked, life-reflecting truth. Though playful and highly imaginative at times, it is the core ingredient of PHV2. Keep in mind, though, the collection isn’t a bunch of stanzas about all of the days and nights of poets from near and far who have visited coffeehouses and realized the end of a relationship was near while sipping a frothy latte. A few of the poets yank chains, rhyme out tall tales, and some outright pepper their work with the salt of fantasy—you know, much like the real truth of everyday life. And for that reason, we included explanations of the poems, hoping that all of it’s so honest and crazy and weird and familiar enough to reflect a few of your life matters too.

(Contains the poems "3:37 A. M." and "Ali and Lee".)

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"There's No Way to Know Right Now"

A poem published January 12th, 2016, by the African-American literary journal TimBookTu

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Scribe Base Literary Journal

Check out M. Earl's poems in various issues of the journal. Appearing in the Summer 2016 issue are the poems "The Waking Hours"; "This Beat"; and "This World of Ours". Appearing in the Horror and Dystopia 2016 issue is the poem "The Feast of Moods". Read online for free!

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Micro-Press Journals by Lisa Brandstetter Holt

My poems have appeared in two micro-press journals published by Lisa Brandstetter Holt. In the mini issue #18, my haikus "Finding Inner Peace"; "My Inner Chasing", and "Crimson Dark Petals" appear. In Aardvark Agog, Issue #1, my poems "So, Who Is She" and "Some Days" appear. The link below connects you to Lisa's page, where you can contact her about ordering back issues. Give her page a like!

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3Valynn Artwork and Poems on ArtVilla!

This is my second collaboration with then-three year old abstract artist Evalynn Sorensen! ArtVilla magazine, on September 7th, 2016, published six of her paintings with my poems: "Violet Frenzy"; "Diamond Candy"; "Primary Ambition"; "Snow Queen"; "Summer Daze"; and "Streamers". On May 19th, 2017, they published the poems "Black Tie" and "Black Tie, Too!". 

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