J. Huguenin and M. Earl Smith with Laurie Abramowicz

Co-Authors M. Earl Smith and J. Huguenin speak to host Laurie Corcoran Abramowicz  on Facebook Live about their book Postcard History: Mystic, being historians, and other topics!

Review: Postcard History: Mystic, Avalonia Trails

Written by Jade Huguenin for Avalonia Trails, Spring 2017. Page 4.

Review: Postcard History: Mystic, The Thomas Stanton Society

This review appeared in Volume 3, Issue 3 of the newsletter of the Thomas Stanton Society

M. Earl Smith and J. Huguenin on Recorded History podcast

Mystic native Jade Huguenin and historian Martin Smith talk about their new book, “Postcard History: Mystic” as well as plans for an Aug. 18 panel discussion about Groton and Mystic history.

Writeup on the 2018 Groton-Mystic Local History Roundtable


By Jade C. Huguenot

For Groton/Mystic Neighbors Magazine

July 2018

M. Earl Smith on Welcome to Groton

This was filmed in Groton, Connecticut, to discuss the 2018 Groton-Mystic Local History Roundtable. 

M. Earl Smith on the Lisa Saunders Show

This was filmed in Groton, Connecticut, to discuss the 2018 Groton-Mystic Local History Roundtable. 

M. Earl Smith Discusses Stars Over Latin America

Author M. Earl Smith joins Prairie Miller for The Book Corner to discuss Stars Over Latin America, a 2018 children's book discussing Che Guevara's "Motorcycle Diaries." Aired on Arts Express, WBAI New York 99.5 FM on June 14, 2018.

M. Earl Smith Discusses Little Karl

Author M. earl Smith joins Prairie Miller on Arts Express on WBAI 99.5 in New York to discuss his 2016 release Little Karl, a children's book about Marxism. Aired January 19th, 2017.

Book Trailer- Stars Over Latin America

When two young men begin a journey across Latin America on the back of a rundown motorcycle called The Mighty One, they have no idea how much the voyage will change their lives.  Their interactions with the locals teach Che and Alberto that their continent is home to considerable suffering and poverty and a spark of rebellion is born in Che.  While they assist patients in a leper colony in Peru, both men realize that if they allow the world to change them, they can, in turn, change the world. 

Vista Previa - Las Estrellas Sobre América Latina

Cuando dos jóvenes comienzan un viaje por América Latina no tienen idea de cuánto va a cambiar el viaje de sus vidas.  Sus interacciones con los lugareños enseñan al Che y a Alberto que su continente alberga sufrimiento y pobreza, y en la mente del Che nace una chispa de rebelión.  Mientras ayudan a pacientes en una colonia de leprosos en Perú, ambos se dan cuenta de que si permiten que el mundo los cambie, pueden, a su vez, cambiar el mundo.

Prévisualização Do Livro: As Estrelas Sobre a América Latina

Quando dois rapazes começam uma jornada pela América Latina na parte de trás de uma motocicleta , eles não têm ideia de quanto a viagem vai mudar suas vidas.  Suas interações com os locais ensinam Che e Alberto que seu continente é lar de considerável sofrimento e pobreza e uma centelha de rebelião nasce na mente de Che.  Enquanto eles assistem pacientes em uma colônia de leprosos no Peru, ambos percebem que, se permitirem que o mundo os mude, eles podem, por sua vez, mudar o mundo.

Book Trailer: Images of America: Powelton Village

Released in 2016, Images of  America: Powelton Village was the first full-length work of local history penned by M. Earl Smith.

M. Earl Smith Visits Daycare

On season six, episode four of Studio Bergen,  M. Earl Smith visits the Child Development Center at Bergen Community College for a reading and theme day dedicated to Little Karl!

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