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My Brush With Death

When we first sent out our request for stories from people who had a Brush with Death we wondered if we would receive any replies. We wondered how many people would be willing to share the most intimate details of their experience. Surprisingly, our mailbox was busy each day until the deadline. It was difficult to choose the final twenty-six stories. The process we chose was to come up with the first forty stories, and then continue to edit until we had the final entries we believed would best fit into our book. We think of these authors as giving people who are willing to share with others in the hope they will somehow come away with a new understanding of how we must pick up the pieces and move forward. We see courage and strength in these stories as these individuals became different and better people because of a Brush with death−even in some cases where the battle is not yet over. We wish our readers peace and courage while traveling through these journeys with each of our brave characters.

Contains the M. Earl Smith piece "The Train Trestle".

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Millennial Voice: Why do Millennials Think That?

The Millennial Voice is the first book authored by a millennial that gives insights to the attitudes and behaviors of this unique generation. This book offers autobiographical accounts from a cross-section of millennials while explaining the reasons behind what makes a millennial tick. The descriptive writing about how millennials interact with societal norms will easily make this the new social and business benchmark when talking about this passionate age group.

Contains the M. Earl Smith essay "Chaos, at a Frenetic Pace".

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Truth Serum: Volume 1

45 writers riff on the topic 'true' . . . featuring stories, essays and poems by Mercedes Webb-Pullman, Mark Hudson, Lynn Hoffman, Len Kuntz, Danielle Davis, M. Earl Smith, Wayne Scheer, Sally Reno, Vivian Wagner, Paul Beckman, Michael Konik, David S. Atkinson, A J Huffman, Jack Granath, Tim Philippart, Martin Jon Porter, Martin Shaw, Sylvia Aguilar-Zéleny, Ruth Z. Deming, John Lambremont Sr., John Grey, Em König, Brian Abiri-Osare, Patricia Walsh, Samuel Cole, Danny P. Barbare, Carl 'Papa' Palmer, Michael Marrotti, Barbara Ruth, Stephen V. Ramey, Ruth Sabath Rosenthal, Irene Buckler, Robbi Nester, Flora Gaugg, Matt Devirgiliis, Sarah Anne Childers, Robert Beveridge, Anne E. Weisgerber, Richard King Perkins Ii, Nod Ghosh, Alan Walowitz, Tom Sheehan, Dusty-Anne Rhodes, Lynn White and Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz.

Includes the M. Earl Smith piece "So, About That Engagement..."

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"Mr. Irresistible"

A photographic take on an essay submitted by the author to Bluff, a satirical on-campus magazine at the University of Pennsylvania. Edited by Abigail Lowenthal.

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"Utopia Lost"

The Insomniac Propagandist is a restless figure that spends its nights laying in a paradoxical, dreamlike state, connecting to pure emotion and raw experience. Eternally hunting the vile, elusive being that is “sleep”, TIP arms itself with human works of power, vulnerability, insight, and honesty that emerge from whatever strange medium or form expression demands. It uses this ever-changing arsenal to challenge existing power structures and systems, to dissolve boundaries between visceral and cerebral, to open souls and free imprisoned thought and to illuminate truth in contradiction.

M Earl Smith's essay "Utopia Lost" appeared in the April 2015 issue.

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"Election Reflection - Martin Smith"

The arts and culture magazine of the University of Pennsylvania. 

M. Earl Smith's essay "Election Reflection - Martin Smith" appeared in the November 2016 issue.

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More Creative Nonfiction and Essays

"The Inequality of Healthcare"

Feminism (noun): Respect for people of all genders, sexualities, and races.
The F-Word is a collection of feminist voices that come together in an annual print publication, weekly discussion groups, and an online blog. We aim to be a space for people of all backgrounds, to talk or write or create art through their experiences, that touch on gender or sexuality. We hope to represent and welcome many voices with meaningful thoughts to share; queer, POC, all genders, and all socioeconomic backgrounds. We hope to foster more thoughtful campus discussion on the bounds of, and potential for, feminism, intersectionality, social justice, and the role of publication and writing in all of the above.

M Earl Smith's essay "The Inequality of Healthcare" appeared in the Spring 2016 issue.

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