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Stars Over Latin America

When two young men begin a journey across Latin America on the back of a rundown motorcycle called The Mighty One, they have no idea how much the voyage will change their lives. Their interactions with the locals teach Che and Alberto that their continent is home to considerable suffering and poverty and a spark of rebellion is born in Che’s mind. While they assist patients in a leper colony in Peru, both men realize that if they allow the world to change them, they can, in turn, change the world.

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As estrelas sobre a América Latina

Quando dois jovens começam uma viagem pela América Latina na parte traseira de uma moto degradada chamada a Poderosa, eles não sabem o quanto a viagem mudará suas vidas. Suas interações com os habitantes locais ensinam Che e Alberto a que seu continente é o lar de um sofrimento e pobreza consideráveis e uma centelha de rebelião nasce na mente de Che. Enquanto eles ajudam os pacientes em uma colônia de leprosos no Peru, ambos os homens percebem que se eles permitem que o mundo os mude, eles podem, por sua vez, mudar o mundo.

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Las estrellas sobre América Latina

Cuando dos jóvenes comienzan un viaje por América Latina en la parte posterior de una motocicleta destartalada llamada El Poderoso, no tienen idea de cuánto va a cambiar el viaje de sus vidas. Sus interacciones con los lugareños enseñan al Che y a Alberto que su continente alberga sufrimiento y pobreza, y en la mente del Che nace una chispa de rebelión. Mientras ayudan a pacientes en una colonia de leprosos en Perú, ambos se dan cuenta de que si permiten que el mundo los cambie, pueden, a su vez, cambiar el mundo.

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Little Karl

Little Karl is a curious child, always wanting to know everything about the world around him. As he walks through the city with his mother, he asks question after question about what he thinks is wrong with the world and offers his own solutions to make sure everyone has shelter, food, education, work, and comfort. Many parents, teachers, political scientists, church leaders, and others in leadership roles have trouble explaining Marxism or Marxist theory in a way that children can understand, especially without allowing personal political bias to come into play. Little Karl frames Marxist theory from the perspective of a child and the world they see each day. Follow along with Little Karl as he and his mother encounter a homeless man looking for work, a skinny puppy starving from lack of food, and many other characters who make the young boy question why everyone can't live as comfortably as his family. The core thoughts of Marxist theory are presented through the voice of a young Karl Marx, allowing a new generation to explore Marx's concepts without preconceived fears. Little Karl allows readers of any age to understand Marxist thought.

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