Business, Legal, Booking, and Copyright

Okay, so, I know you're all wondering...a Marxist theorist? With a BUSINESS section? 

Well, yes. As much as I would love to live in Marx's described utopia, I don't. Instead, I live in a society that's becoming a nightmarish reflection of some of Ayn Rand's wildest fantasies. And while, if my material needs were provided through a peaceful dictatorship of the proletariat, I would be happy to share my work freely, the point is that they're not, and that is why I write.

So, until such a time comes, I must exchange my labor for a value less than its worth, to sustain myself, my family, and my hobbies. The truth is that there is no ethical consumption under capitalism, and I must do what I have to do in order to survive.

Business– I do not ghostwrite, at least not in the traditional sense. I refuse to put my name on anything I did not write, and so, the inverse demands that I must put my name on anything that I do. I am more than happy to partner with other writers, and, in fact, have done so many times. This has allowed me to work with some of the greatest writers, academics, and artists that I know. If you want help writing a book about your hometown, let me know! Have a set of illustrations and need a writer to bring a story to life? I'm in! Looking for standard news reports for your paper, long-form journalism, encyclopedia entries...let's talk!

Media inquires may reach me at . I have appeared on TV, radio, podcasts, and the like, and I am available to discuss any of my works. 

Legal – If you rip off my ideas, I will go to whatever lengths that are required to protect my intellectual property. I'm fairly open to reprints, advertising, and the like, so let's have a conversation instead of an argument. 

Booking–  I am available for book signings, fairs, presentations, dinners, book talks, and the like. Prices, availability, and plans vary, so please reach out to me at to inquire. I have no agent, so you'll deal directly with me. Have an awesome indie bookstore in your hometown that you'd love for me to sign at? Put us in contact, and we'll see what happens! I love visiting new places. 

Note: If you are requesting an event for a title that has multiple authors, please specify if you would like for my collaborator to appear as well. My co-authors and illustrators live in three states and on three continents at the moment, so I need time to work out logistics.

Copyright – All printed and published materials are copyright of their respected owners. All written work on this site are either copyright by me alone or in conjunction with my collaborators.